Cam Skate

Surveys and consultations are a good way to raise the profile of Cam Skate and let developers know they can't ignore skaters!

Shelford Playscape (March 2022)

Shelford Playscape is a charity that aims to renovate Great Shelford Rec. Part of their plan is a new Wheelscape, a mini skatepark. They're looking for feedback on the design, and other features like lights, seating, etc.

Here's what Playscape have to say about their skatepark consultation:

If you currently use skateparks or would like to, we want to hear from you!

We want to survey the demand for the proposed Wheelscape (next to the new Playscape) on Great Shelford Rec. The skatepark will be approx 8m x 22 m, designed by specialists and reviewed by local experts, for all types of wheels: from bikes to boards, skates to wheelchairs.

Hay Hill, Norwich (until Friday 25th March 2022)

Hay Hill is a skate spot in Norwich. Norwich City Council are running a consultation for their proposed development work.

Here's what local skate shop Drug Store has to say about the survey:

Hay Hill (aka C&A) is a historic skate spot. When I first moved to Norwich 20 odd years ago I went there every dry day. That’s where I met skaters, some of whom became friends for life, team riders and more.

That will always mean a lot to me because I knew virtually nobody and was new in town. Let’s try to retain this central spot as a skate inclusive area. A place for fun and exercise rather than McDonald’s litter and poorly executed public art.