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Donkey Common skate plaza
  1. Why refurbish Donkey Common?
  2. Cam Skate's vision for the space
  3. How are we going to pay for it?
  4. 📌What we need from the council
  5. Precedent projects

In general we need a more proactive approach from the council.

Taking action means working with us to refine the design, publicly supporting the project and helping us apply for grants.


Cam Skate featured in local papers

1. Grant applications

Some grants can only be applied for by the landowners (the council).

For example, the FCC Community Action Fund awards grants of up to £100,000 and has funded skateparks before, including nearby Burwell skatepark.

Cam Skate are ready and willing to do the majority of the work in applying for grants like this, but we need officer time to manage the application process.

Please note a letter of support is not sufficient for the FCC grant. While we feel a letter would be useful in general, the FCC specifically states that the applicant has to be the landowner.

2. Public support

A letter of support would help us apply for the grants we are eligible for.

We need to be able to assure grant awarders that their money is going towards a project that can succeed. Without the landowner's public support this is much more difficult.

A letter of support from the council, like the letter from PC Beatrice Ley in support of lights at Jesus Green skatepark would go a long way.

A capital investment from the council, no matter how small, would also be a concrete way to show support and help build momentum.


Letter of support from PC Beatrice Ley

3. Include skaters in the design process

Collaborate with us to reach a design that works for skaters, landowners and other stakeholders

We have already revised our design based on feedback from councillors:

  • Reduced the proposed footprint to retain more green space.
  • Added a grass buffer between park and footpath to keep separation between skaters and passers by.

Map showing indicative RPA areas and subject to topographic survey and arboriculturist comment

4. Official guidance

Skateboard GB have launched the UK’s first official Design and Development Guidance for Skateboarding in partnership with Sport England.

We invite the council to follow this guidance on matters of construction, materials, and maintenance.

Cam Skate and Skateboard GB have been in contact and we'd be happy to arrange a meeting with them for the council's benefit.


Design and Development Guidance for Skateboarding

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