Cam Skate

Donkey Common skate plaza
  1. Why refurbish Donkey Common?
  2. Cam Skate's vision for the space
  3. 📌How are we going to pay for it?
  4. What we need from the council
  5. Precedent projects

Cam Skate estimate the cost of construction at £75,000.

We have raised £6000 (8%) through our own crowdfunding and grant applications!

Darryl Preston - the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire - awarded the Donkey Common project £3500 from the PCC Youth Fund.

The grant award was covered in the Cambridge News and Cambridge Independent.

Thanks to the PCC and to Shapour Mafta and Mohammed Azamuddin, as well as PC Beatrice Ley who sponsored our application.


Cambridge skaters celebrating the PCC grant

These outdoor facilities are a great way for young people to keep active in a safe environment. [...] It’s important that we give young people these opportunities as it develops their confidence, keeps them out of trouble and in some circumstances has inspired careers in professional sports.

Darryl Preston

£950 was raised at a fundraiser at the Portland Arms, organised by Green Mind Gigs

£500 was raised by Girl Skate Cambridgeshire with a skate jam and raffle

More than £1000 (and growing) has been raised so far through our gofundme campaign and private donations.

Donate to the fundraiser!

There are other funding sources that can make up the remainder, including the FCC Community Action Fund - however we need the council to work with us in order to apply for many of these.

Additional possible funding sources: sponsorship from local businesses, Wooden Spoon grants, local authorities, National Lottery, Sport England, Skateboard GB.

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