Cam Skate

Donkey Common skate plaza

Donkey Common skatepark is not fit for use. Approaching 20 years old, the park is poorly designed and constructed, and sees essentially no use for skateboarding compared to other sites in Cambridge.


Donkey Common skatepark


Site context


History of Donkey Common as a DIY skatepark

Cam Skate present a vision for a refurbished and expanded plaza style skatepark that is affordable, practical, and fits the space - bringing skateboarding into the heart of Cambridge without disrupting green space or pedestrian access.

Download our Outline Concept Document here which sets out the scope and aspiration of our proposal.

We have identified multiple potential funding sources, and the local skate community have already crowdfunded more than £1500.

It's time for Cambridge City Council to take action - which means working with us to refine the design, publicly supporting the project and helping us apply for grants and planning permission.

  1. Why refurbish Donkey Common?
  2. Cam Skate's vision for the space
  3. How are we going to pay for it?
  4. What we need from the council
  5. Precedent projects
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