We appreciate any support you can give Cam Skate!

What will help us the most right now is to join Cam Skate. More members = more pressure. Being a member is also the way to stay up to date and give your feedback on upcoming work.

Spread the word! Tell a friend, tell your parents, tell kids learning to ollie at Jesus Green.


Cam Skate Members

If you haven't already please also sign our change.org petition to save the Field Station DIY.



Let the council know new developments need to encourage skating.

Greater Cambridge Planning are asking for feedback on their Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan, a proposed new development near Cambridge North Station and the Science Park. The Open Spaces section is where we should leave comments explaining that their plans should have skating in mind, not just providing skateparks but ensuring the developments themselves are skate friendly.

If you represent press or a business please get in touch at hello@cam-skate.co.uk, we'd love to hear from you.