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Greater Cambridge Local Plan

The council are asking for feedback on their Local Plan. This document lays out the future plans for land use in Cambridge.

If enough skaters respond to the plan, we can show the council that they have to pay attention!

We've identified the areas we think are relevant to skaters. You can give your feedback at the links below.

If you want to read Cam Skate comments on specific sections, take a look below.

Protecting Open Spaces

This section remarks that "[the council] should provide accessible and all-weather exercise areas for all ages in green spaces."

This should include skateparks! No skateparks in Cambridge are currently all-weather suitable due to lack of lights and rain coverings.

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Providing and enhancing open spaces

Another comment here relevant to indoor skateparks: "We should promote outdoor activities, including by creating all-weather exercise areas."

Also mentioned is "space for sports pitches, play space for children and teenagers, and more informal spaces."

Skateparks would be a great way to provide play space for children and teenagers. If facilities like sports pitches and community orchards are being called out specifically in the document, so should skateparks.

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Creating healthy new developments

Our feedback from the previous consultation is noted here: "the need for formal and informal public social spaces, playgrounds and skateparks"

Our main takeaway here is that skaters should be consulted with FROM THE START when new skateparks are made. No more skateparks that are unsuited to our needs!

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Community, sports and leisure facilities

"This policy will support the development of new facilities in appropriate locations where there is a local need for the facilities, and they are in close proximity to the people they will serve."

"The importance of these spaces for social interaction was important."

This is our opportunity to make the case that - even though there are a lot of skateparks in Cambridge - we're still lacking proper facilities that are appropriate for use year round.

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Meanwhile uses during long term redevelopments

"This policy will seek meanwhile uses on vacant sites or in underused buildings as part of the phased development of major development sites and within other vacant sites and premises where a longer-term use is still being resolved. These meanwhile uses will support the local community and contribute to the vibrancy of the area as new communities develop."

This is something we really support. Meanwhile use could be a perfect opportunity to get some temporary indoor skate space.

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